Monday, May 24, 2010

A New Weigh For Life

I have decided to create a blog devoted just to my weight loss journey. I want it to include my struggles, how I overcome them as well as goals I have set forth for myself. I will also post pictures and recipes I have been making or even creating. I am excited to document my feelings on this new life. If anyone can find inspiration from it, all the better. I know there will be days I struggle and will want to look back on it to find the motivation I had, and I think this will be the perfect way to find it.....knowing that I have it in me!

What a difference a year makes! This is a picture of the Salt Lake City 5k my friend Melissa and I ran last April. The 5k took me 40:57. I was very proud of that time back then, as I knew it was my starting point. I have a hard time looking at that picture of me. In many ways, I don't think I look any different. In many ways, I feel sorry for that person, but also proud. That was a time in my life when I started to take charge and make the changes I have always wanted for more than half my life.

Here is a picture of me the day after I ran my first ever Half Marathon exactly one year later.

I finished the Half Marathon in 2:31:39. I was very proud of that time. Here is a link of the full event on our family blog that I posted my thoughts and feelings on the day.
I am still very proud, and kind of in disbelief that I did it. I ran another one just last weekend in Denver, and can't wait to register for more. I want to do at least one more before that year is over. I ran a 5k almost one year after my first one, and did it in 30:40. That is over 10 minutes faster than just a year ago. I really need to hold onto those starting points, because sometimes it is hard to believe I am accomplishing more right now.
I'm not perfect though....I have daily struggles. Not with wanting to eat bad, or be lazy. My struggles come from giving myself credit for what I have done, and trying to realize this journey was all about being healthy and active. As long as I am doing that, I will continue to be the person I want to be.

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