Friday, July 2, 2010

Denver Colfax Half Marathon

My second Half Marathon took place 4 weeks after my first one.
I REALLY wanted to kick that things butt, however, it ended up kicking mine.

I had planned on running it at least 15-20 minutes faster than the month before, judging by the pace I was keeping before we left, but I was left dehydrated the night before, and it really knocked me on my ass. My goal the night before as I headed to bed, was to just show up at the start line, and do the best I could with the way I felt.

Here is a view of the park before we started. What an amazing park. It was freezing, but Mr. Weather Man said it was really going to heat up, so I dressed according to that. I was miserable. Gabe kept telling me to smile for the picture, and out of the 3 he took, this one is the one I looked the least miserable in. Imagine what the other ones looked like...sheesh!

I was dragging. I remember having all htis energy at the Salt Lake Half. This was so not the case this time. I was very dizzy and kept seeing blurry. I didn't clue Gabe in on my situation too much, as I knew he would have made me stop. At the first aid station, I took Gatorade and just started drinking like a fish. I took it at every single stop, and finally at mile 6, I started to come around and feel like I might actually be able to finish this race.

A shot of Gabe and I at our one and only 'potty stop'. Nice!
I did cross the finish line, with my Man by my side, like he always is.
I do not know what I would do without him.
He gives me more strength and determination than I can even express.
After the race, the fed us an awesome and healthy lunch.
Pork Tacos and Beer.
I just stuck to the grape tomatoes.

My final time was
Which is just a few minutes faster than Salt Lake.
Not my goal, but I am still very proud of myself,
because I gave it my all.

I love that I have my husband to share these adventures with.
We have displayed our numbers, that are in sequence next to each other
so I can always look back and remember our awesome adventures.

Nice loot bad!

This is only the stuff we received after the race,
we also had a bunch of goodies they gave us the day before at registration.

4 hours later we were headed to the airport.
I was anxious to see the 3 ring circus,
but also very grateful for the past 4 days
Gabe and I had together.

I always tease Gabe that his eyes look shut in all our pictures,
so he made a point to open the nice and wide.

My well deserved coffee,
for my well ran race.

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